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Ways To Improve Self-Worth and
Confidence In Children Who Have ADD

Become Proactive    Knowledge is power.  Gain enough knowledge about the disability so you understand why and how ADD affects the child at home, in school, in social situations, and the entire family system.

Change Your Belief System    Before the childcan change his/her self-concept, the adult in the child's life have to change the way they view the child.  Separate the child from the behavior, then separate the child from the disability.  These are not ADD children.  These are children with ADD.

Act, Don't React    Emotional responses such as blame and anger will diminish when you stop, look, listen, and then respond.  In other words, count to ten.

Nurture Yourself    Take time alone with your spouse, develop an interest hobby, establish a regular exercise program -- be good to yourself.

Catch The Child Being Good    Give your child lots of praise, encouragement, recognition, and positive attention.  Reward the child for meeting expectations.  Though punishment should be used for such things as defiance and disrespect to an elder, it is sometimes better to use punishment sparingly when we can, and never, NEVER ridicule the child for this will destroy the way he sees his own worth. There are Character Qualities, that can help any person gain a higher or greater view of their own self-worth.

Develop The Child's Sense of Competence and Responsibility

*   Identify the child's strengths and weaknesses.
*   Develop realistic expectations of the child
*   Play to the child's strengths  by building opportunities for success in the environment.  Remember, you may have to structure situations carefully to make success achievable.
-   Assign special jobs  (feeding the family pet, mowing the lawn, decorating the house for holidays).
-   Cultivate the child's special interests  (help start a card or doll collection, take trips to museums).
-   Enroll the child in extra-curricular activities (sports, performing arts).  Finding an activity best suited to your child may require trail and error.  Encourage the child by attenting practices and performances.
-   Play with your child.  Let the child choose and direct the game or activity and, if not too obvious let the child win.

"I think I can.  I think I can." said the little red engine.
And he could.


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