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Here They Are!
The pics and the story behind them.

Welp, let me see where to start....    Ok, the outside.  Here it is.

This is the East side.  I'm wanting to move the carport back about 25-30 feet and replace the damaged parts....   which could be a huge part of it.  :-)

You can see at the front foor where Joe and I had put in a new wall (it's still needing primed).  We had to do that when we were replacing the door and found that the entire wall was bad so out it came.  Eeeeesh!  Lots of work there.  Began as a two and a half hour job and ended up an all day one.

You can see the higher part in the rear which is where we added on the two story part several years ago.  Also, to the left behind the carport is the shed which I'm remodeling for my den.  You will see some of that work shortly.

You will see here a little better view of the two floor addition.  It's like a split level.  The lower floor drops several steps.

This is the deck roof I'd built almost single-handedly last spring...   or was it 1998?  I don't know anymore....  I know it's there now.  The deck already existed.  The greyer wood shows that.  I would like to get the roof on the other side (at the carport) to look just like this.

There used to be two double hung windows on the front of the house and we removed them and put in the single large one.  I like this much better since it's more like a picture window AND there are several other housess in the immediate area that have this same type window.

The house actually looks very small, but it's suprizing how large it is when you go inside.  It appears to be little more than a cottage, but there's three bedrooms, two baths, a huge living room, entry, pantry and laundry.  There's about 1800 square feet here.

As we go down along this side to the rear we will get to the back side where Spud like to do his dismantling of the property.

This is from the rear of the property just beyond the alley where Tati is standing.  That's dd Robyn's little girl standing there.

From here it looks like it stands in majesty looming out from the slope.

Here you can easily see the two-story rear part.  To the right is the the shed that I'm remodeling.  It used to be a garage but is only ten feet wide.  I closed in the door area (the brown area).  I installed the two vertical three pane windows in that end as you might can see.  It has a cathedral ceiling that is 10 feet at the wall and about 12 feet at the peak.

Notice the very wide low window.  That glass is very thick plate glass.

In this pic I took only this morning, you can see I've removed that long low glass to match the windows on the other end.  I'd replaces the other one when my grandson Bucky broke it.  I still am amazed that he broke that heavy plate glass that was nearly 3/8's of an inch think.  Strong kid, huh?

Oh, see that stone wall there?  That's one that Spud tore down and had rocks all over the lower yard.  AND you can see that we are indeed an Ozark family.  You can see Spud's tire swing that hangs from that big pecan tree.

Ok, into the house from the deck.  There are two sliding glass doors on the deck.  The first one is what we use as the entry door now.

As you enter you come in at this end of the room.  We would have entered at the door at the far end next to the snake cage (left pic).  Don't worry, he's sleeping.


Then when you turn around you will see this part of the room.  Notice Teresa and Spud sitting there trying to look really good...   :-)  You can see how large this room is with them there.  The ceilings here are 9 foot 4 inches high.  I love high ceilings.  The rest are 7 feet except in the two-story part where they are eight feet.  This is the "great Room" (I like that term) that measures 16x30.  I found out the exact measurement when the appraiser came.

I find that the dark trim as it is gives the place an old English Manor House appearance...   or a tudor effect.  I like it and am planning to do this through the entire house.

The door to the right (behind Teresa) goes back the hall into toward the two-story part.  The door to the left goes into the kitchen.

The kitchen was originally built for a midget.  I had to raise the counters by six inches.

These windows originally had two vertical slender windows that swung inward.  They are the ones I uses on the end of the shed where I closed in the end.  We installed these new windows which slide left.  It's more convenient this way.  We couldn't open the ones at the sink before (they swung inward) but now they can all open.

I stopped at a yard sale in Maryland and found that sink.  It's a large tub but with the smaller one on the left.  I gave $10 for it.  I was really blessed.

If we go to the far end of the kitchen we go into the hall and on to Spud's room.

This is a window that I rebuilt the frame for.  The top of the window had to be recessed into the ceiling.  I did this when I lowered the ceiling so I could put the master bathroom in above.  It used to be just a crawl space there and I figured I could get some use out of it with the bath.

This kid has two closets in his room.  That's one door to the right.

Notice that there is a recessed ceiling light in each corner.  The ones in front of the closet are turned on from inside the door, and the two at the head end of the bed are turned on from a switch next to the shelves where Spud's sitting (below).

This is the wall Spud finger painted with unmentionable things and I replaced the inside of the wall.  Now he's taken crayon and scribbled on it.  See just above the cable outlet.  Eeeeesh.

Next to that first closet door is this set of shelves and second closet.  Behind the shelves is the air return system or I'd have made that one BIG closet.  The right one I'd added along with the wall to the right.  There used to be a cheap built-in dresser there.  It didn't like it so it went.

This was one larger (and only) bedroom.  I had to put the wall in to make the hall to the back part.  (Behind that wall is a hall closet and water heater area)  There's the dutch door I'd made.  Remember he didn't like being in there with the door closed?  He doesn't mind now.

On around to the right is this corner the the Spud.  This is how his room looks normally but we're starting to use a reward system to get him to clean it.  THis set of build in shelves used to be the window on the back of the house.  When we added on (just behind those shelves) I built this for him.

Also, he's not sitting on the bed.  He's on the head board.  I built an endstand/headboard combination that wraps around the headend of his bed.  The stairs to the master bed room are just behind these shelves.

I'm going to add doors to the fronts of the endsand this so he can put toys insides and close them.

When you get to the top of the steps to the master bedroom and come around the corner, you see this window on the other side of the room.  There is a sliding glass door in the wall to the right which you can see in the pics of the rear of the house.

I got this window from the neighbor who removed it from his place.  I put it here since that wall was soo barren.  I put it in and put the shelves around it.

Oh, please keep in mind, this room is Teresa's and I have little to say about it.  That's why it looks like this....   uh, guess why I don't have pics of what's happening in the den?  :-)  I'll never tell.

You come up the stairs behind this rail and enter the room to the left.  It used to be closed in and looked so bland.  I cut it open and built the little shelves for flower pots or nick-knacks on each side.  A blue pot sits on one.  I added the banister/rail also.  To the right you can see an opening with a sloped top.  That's where you get to the master bath.  The slope is at the old house's roof level.

I will be putting the 1x4 trim throughout the entire house like I have in the living room so it won't look so bare in here.  I'd already put some around the new window (above).

Lots of unfinished work, huh?  That's my ADD showing...    :-)

This is the other end of the the stair opening.  Notice the curved wall where you go into the bathroom.  That was a really neat thing to figure out but it was so simple making it curve.  I will also add a railing on that too like the one at the stairs (left).

I built the wall to the desired dimentions then laid it down.  I placed the oversized (cut big) piece of sheet rock over it then we laid wet towels on the sheet rock.  We kept it wet until it had taken the same shape as the wall.  The same was done for the other side of it.

When you enter the bath, this is what you see.  The sink, and mirror.  I liike the way the ceiling is.  The john is at the lower right side.  The shower is behind the mirror.  The shower curtains can be pulled back to give a window appearance into the shower.  You enter the shower at left.  You can see the tiles stuff I put up.  It's real pretty.  Light tan with a little green, blue, and mauve in the small clusters of flowers.  I'm really please with how this is turning out.

There are two low places about this room.  One there to the left where you go to the shower.  Then the door coming into the bath.  I'm planning on putting a dormer like thing at each place to raise the ceiling height and give more headroom.  I'm 6'2" and I have to lean my head down a bit to pass through them.  It would make a dandy children's dorm for someone who has say five or six kids of the same gender.

I can't wait until I get the dark brown trim up the way I'm 'seeing' it.  It will look great with the neat angles and such that are there.  Yes, I'm an angle person.  One of the loops were discussing the thing of angles/shapes and the ADD correlation.

When you turn around and look in the corner to the left of where you entered the bath, there is this little corner seat with a storage area below.  I built this but I have to get the old staple gun out and tack that cartpet up a little where it's wanting to pull away.  The carpet is the same as in Spud's room and the flor of the bathroom here.  I put this in because that corner seemed so bare with nothing there.  This too gives Teresa a little place to park when she's getting redy to look good for me.  :)

Anyway, this is pretty much it.  There are other areas where I've done work but they would not photograph well.  In the hall is a closet and I've made a place for the water hearter.  It used to be in the cellar which is now only a hole and you crawl to get into it.

Also, I altered the downstairs bath which is at the one end of the kitchen.  We made a laundry there and it's entered from the hall near the back door.

I also took a room inside the front door and divided it.  Part is the entry and the rest, which opens into the kitchen, is now the pantry and holds the fridge and freezer.  We can lock that so Spud don't get into them.  He IS starting to get into the cupboards now....   I'm gonna do something drastic yet!  :-)

Welp, I hope this didn't bore you and hope that maybe there is something there that intrigued you for your own house.

God Bless,