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is to be a time of love, happiness,
encouragement,and kindness not to
mention the obvious...  giving thanks

But for the year 2001, it was for nagging, insanity, hilarious moments, and of course giving thanks for our not being permanantly damaged by all the weird stuff....      LOL

Sooooo, here is the account of Thanksgiving 2001 as told by PoPs......

First, we ran into a sweet family.....    Here's Scott, Brandy, and that lovely little baby, Shelby.  Look at Brandy, she looks like she's learning all she knows from Celeste.  She sticks her tongue out and it's two feet long and that's only the tip of it.  <grin>

Then we find a great layout of food.....    looka here.....    Ham, corn and all kinds of good stuff.....   but I have one question.....      WHERE's THE POSSUM!

Then later I found Scott pulling his jacket open.....      I think he believes he's the next Super Hero!

No Scott, there is no big red "S" under your jacket and there's no cape hanging behind you either.  <lol>


Oh yeah.....    look at this.....     They are going after that food like a bunch of vultures after dead critters.  Hmmmm.....     some of it IS dead critters.  LOL  Looks like Toots got a ham hock or sumpin.

Afterwards we went on a hay ride.  Here Charlie's being quite the gentleman cowboy and is helping the lady (Thressa) onto the wagon.  Oh, that's Thressa he's helping up there.....     I have to teach Spud some more.....     He's sitting down on the job.

Charlie sure does keep a watchfull eye on the little ones, or is he picking a booger off her shirt?  The kids all take to him like maggots on rotten meat.

When I got on the wagon, I looked at the back of Charlie's truck.....   Since he was driving and Spud was there, I believe someone should take this literally.

Hmmmm.....    looks like Mike DID take it seriously.  Let's all bow our heads.....

And everyone said?......


Not enough prayer.....     Celeste must have a new zit.  And the little ones are having fun.....

Like I said, they are having lots of fun.  And Peter there is a super artist.  He can draw anything except retirement.  That's Toots next to him.  Keep her in prayer....   The doc put her in leg braces and she may be wearing them until she's an adult.

Now THAT brat started in the wagon.....     how'd he get up there?  He's trying to pull something but I'm not sure what.

Don't they look like their old Pappy?  They're Smidgin and Peaches.  They's cute as punkin pie.

WHOA!  Wait just one doggone minute!  What's that fuzzy head sticking up there next to Charlie?  By crackie, that's Spud up there.  I KNEW he had something up his sleeve.  First the wagon, then he gets unsettled with us and he moves to the bed of the truck then on to be with his buddy, Charlie.  HEY CHARLIE!  I'll rent him to you for $2 a day!

What's Celeste looking at?  Maybe Thressa fell off.....     Maybe Celeste is losing her supper.  LOL

Charlie stops along the road to talk to some of the residents.  I cain't figger out this guy.  Reminds me of that old song about talking to the animals.  WATCH THOSE MEADOW MUFFINS AND ROAD APPLES!!!!

Looks like Mike REALLY had to take a leak......      Kristi and Peaches have a funny look on their faces.  Maybe someone had gas......

Thressa and Mike down along the crick.  That's one really purty place.  Except for the outhouse.  It was broke.

This is a view of the crick looking one way.....   I was almost standing in the water here.

This is up the other way......     Sho' 'nuff it's a purty place.  I could sit there and ponder life's most pertinent problems and get answers.

Scott found the first log so's he can build a new house fer his purty wife, Brandy.

There he goes, taking it home......     See that yeller poster on the tree?  I think it's a wanted poster fer some guy named Scott Burrell.

Brandy's so pleased about the start of her new house that she cain't contain her grinnin'.

Oooops!  Scott, the great bull ridin' young feller done fell off the wagon.  Come on boy.....    git yer wore out carcass back on here......

He's not movin' very fast.  I think we need to move on......

If you don't think we left him standing there.....     look at the trees in the back ground.  The other two pics don't have 'em......    when we finally got him, we were coming back down the road after going on and turning around in someone's field.  "Give me 40 acres and I'll turn this rig around....."

Huh?  Was this when I was throwing up?  It looks like the same view.....    Actually I wanted to see what it was like too look under a truck that's driving down a dirt road so I thought I'd let the camera do the dangerous part.

This is Celeste's dream house.  You see there's lots of grazing land for the critters and less house for her to clean.

GOOD LORD!   What's THIS?!?   A dirty old man kissing a cute young chick.  Wow!

The odd couple.....

That's the turkey that I made submit to me.  I let him keep his hen and that confused him so much that he took to this goose.....   doesn't it appear like that old bird had a disasterous run in with a MACK truck?  Anyone know a good plastic surgeon for him?

Ain't this cute......    critter standing in the feedin' trough.

Oh.....     Now I understand.  It's the DOG's feedin' trough and we see how he got the cat to come to supper.....    but who's supper it really in the bowl?     LOL

Look at this filty dirty kid!!!   Anyone want him?  You clean 'im and you can have 'im.....  Spud is near impossible to keep clean.  We didn't get no laundering instructions with him when he was new.

Oooops!  I almost got a view of his biscuits.....     At least he's clean.....

Two cool guys sharing time.

Two cool guys passed out on the floor after a hard day's work on a hay ride.

Maybe he's looking for mice?

Teresa getting her head dry.  She don't need it water logged.  LOL

Ain't she cute?

This was our chaufer.

Charlie and Mike were trying to get the TV working
right.....     I hope he's not looking for the remote.  <grin>

MAybe if he'd put that hat on it would work better.  Is that his thinkin' cap?

Thressa and Celeste relaxing.  Doesn't Celeste look so natural?

And my Babe.....     <GRIN>

What is she trying to do to him...?   That Poor guy!  I think she was trying to see
how many pickled eggs she could stuff into his mouth without them squishing out.

Two cool dudes who have a high admiration for each other.

This little guy could get along with any of the critters.
And I think they were BOTH enjoying the attention.

Just before leaving Thressa looked back.....    thinking how
wonderful it will be to get away from the CRAZY HILLBILLYS!

Mike taking a final look around the ranch.  I think he liked it there.

And for the last two pictures.....   and I just HAVE to put these in here.....

IT's  the.....

are you ready for this?

It's the.....

PoPs Mobile.....!!


On the side of the car it says, "Y2Kaos"

On the back it says, "Ussama bin Laden WILL get BUSHwhacked"

So.....            this was the insane time at Celeste's place....

I hope it doesn't scare any of you away.  They are really nice people.

What are you looking down here for?  If you found it, let me know.  LOL